Product Description

Botanical Name: Brassica Alba

Other Names: Rai, Mustard

Yellow mustards seeds are small round shaped, yellow colored seeds of the Brassica Alba Plant.

They have mild flavor and aroma compared to Black and Brown mustards. Yellow mustard seeds or its powder are used as condiment in various dishes. It is also used in making oils, sauces and paste.

Health Benefits

  • Rich in Selenium, a highly effective anti-inflammatory nutrient
  • Excellent source of Magnesium, helpful in alleviating Asthma
  • Beneficial in Migraine pains and Menopause
  • Promote digestive health


  • Multiwall Paper Bags - 15 Kg, 25 KG , 50 LBS
  • PP Bags - 15 KG, 25 KG, 50 LBS
  • Jute Bags - 25 KG, 50 KG
  • As per customer requirements


  • As per customer requirement

Stuffing Capacity

Container Size Load Capacity
20 ft 19 MT
40 ft 26 MT