Product Description

Botanical Name:  Sesamum Indicum

Other names: Till, Sesame

Black sesame seeds are more flavourful and have a stronger aroma compared to white or brown sesame seeds. Black Sesame Seeds are often found in Far East cuisines. It contains about 60% higher calcium than white sesame.

We offer optical sorted Black sesame regular quality and Z Black quality (Deep black).

Health Benefits

  • Enhance bone health
  • Useful in skincare and Hair Growth
  • Powerful effect on Oral Health
  • Protect DNA from adverse effects of Chemotherapy and radiotherapy


  • Multiwall Paper Bags - 15 Kg, 25 KG , 50 LBS
  • PP Bags - 15 KG, 25 KG, 50 LBS
  • Jute Bags - 25 KG, 50 KG
  • As per customer requirements


  • As per customer requirement

Stuffing Capacity

Container Size Load Capacity
20 ft 19 MT
40 ft 26 MT