Product Description

Botanical Name : Ocimum basilicum

Other Names:  Sabja, Tukmaria, Selasih

Basil seeds are the seeds of sweet basil plant called Ocimum basilicum, it is native to
India.  Basil seeds are completely black and tear-shaped in appearance. The herbs of the basil plant are popular for its impressive health benefits.When basil seeds soaked into water; they become gelatinous and are used in food drinks such as Faluda, smoothie, desserts, Yogurt etc for thickening and garnishing purpose.


Health Benefits

  • Relieve flatulence, constipation and indigestion.
  • Cures cold, cough, Flu
  • Helpful in stress reliefl
  • Control blood sugar level in Diabetes type 2
  • Promote metabolism and weight loss
  • Good for Skin and Hair health


  • Multiwall Paper Bags - 25 KG , 50 LBS
  • PP Bags - 25 KG, 50 LBS
  • As per customer requirements


  • As per customer requirement